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Introducing Everything GitKraken, Now In Your Browser

Introducing Everything GitKraken, Now In Your Browser

For almost a decade, GitKraken has been building developer-first Git productivity tools and services, with one clear goal: to make devs and their teams more effective and efficient. Our journey began with desktop-centric and IDE-based tools like GitKraken Client and GitLens for VS Code, which have both become integral to the workflow for tens of millions of developers.

Our tools and capabilities are robust. And yet, we still see the opportunity to further elevate and extend the developer experience, and bring even more convenience to our users. The key? Integrating our powerful services directly into the browser. 

Eliminating the need to toggle between desktop and web applications is incredibly valuable on its own. But there is more significance to this development. This is about creating a seamless, integrated workflow where GitKraken’s best features are available wherever you are.

That’s where comes in, and today, we’re thrilled to announce its availability in Public Preview. 

What is is a gateway to accessing the GitKraken capabilities you rely on, like Focus View, directly from your browser. This means less time jumping between applications and more time focusing on what matters most: your code and your collaboration.

The Focus View was previously available only through Workspaces in GitKraken Client, and with your open repositories in GitLens for VS Code. Now, it’s available to you through the browser. This is a powerful and efficient combination that provides you with a global look into everything you need to work on, without having to bounce between multiple apps, repositories, and websites. also enables you to view and manage your connected integrations. In the near future, this will save you time and reduce friction by allowing you to connect all of your Issue and Git services (GitHub, GitLab, Jira, etc) in one place, instead of having to connect multiple times from within each product. 

Where are we headed? is just getting started, and we are extremely excited about what’s to come. We’re hard at work now adding Workspace management, as well as some useful administrative and security features that will allow your organization to set up your own configurations for our AI and Cloud Patches features, or to opt-out. Eventually, all of your organization’s team and user management, as well as license management features, will be available on 

While in Preview, you may notice daily and weekly updates to help improve your experience. If you’re interested in helping us reimagine the developer experience, sign up for the Public Preview today. This is only the beginning of our journey building, and we can’t wait to share more of our progress soon!

– Jeff and the GitKraken Team

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