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Dev Room Confessions

The dev room is a sacred place where code is made & trust is earned. Find out if you’d survive! *Spoiler Alert* We dish about the GitKraken Chipotle button.

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GitKraken v1.9

Now with GitHub Enterprise support (and more) you’ll boldly go where you’ve never gone before. Learn more!

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GitKraken v1.8

We’ve continued improving the left panel, including: branch folders, button tooltips, and filtering! Read more to find out the details.

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GitKraken v1.7

This release brings some performance and UX improvements to the left panel. Check it out: you’ll feel like your kitchen just got a makeover.

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GitKraken v1.6

This is your doorway to the (friendly) upside down! You can now log in to GitKraken with your GitHub account, access your repos and do pull requests in-app!

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GitKraken v1.5.4

We’ve been listening to your feedback and making improvements to our Git client. Check out what’s new in v1.5.4 of GitKraken!

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Clean Up Your GUI!

The newest features help keep GitKraken organized and even easier to use. Check out Command Palette, Squash and Merge No Fast Forward today!

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