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Git Tag

Learn the difference between lightweight and annotated Git tags, and see step-by-step instructions for viewing tags, deleting tags, and more.

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Best Git GUI’s Compared 2023

Comparing the top Git GUI’s of 2023 based on their OS support, price, and feature catalog. GitKraken Client · Fork · Sourcetree · Tower · GitHub Desktop · SmartGit

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Jira GitHub Integration

You can create a Jira GitHub integration through Git Integration for Jira. This tool will allow you to use smart commits, create branches and pull

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Child with a GitLens shirt on holding hands with 2 adults wearing a Git shirt and a VS Code shirt.

Using VS Code & Git

Go through a basic Git workflow using VS Code. Learn how to create a repository, commit changes, connect a remote, push changes, and other tips for leveraging Git with VS Code.

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Git vs SVN

When deciding between Git vs SVN, there are a few things to compare, like Git and SVN commands and industry adoption (over 95% of developers worldwide are using Git).

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Visual Studio Code is required to install GitLens.

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