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VS Code Download

Learn how to download VS Code for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, learn how to get started in VS Code by customizing different settings to fit your workflow.

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20 VS Code Shortcuts

Code faster and more efficiently in VS Code with these 20 shortcuts. Learn how to open the command palette, open the terminal, create a new file, and more.

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Best VS Code Themes

Best VS Code themes for 2023. Browse a variety of themes perfect for any developer. Themes include One Dark Teal, Winter is Coming, Summer Night, Pro Hacker, and more.

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Git vs GitHub

Git is a version control system while GitHub is a web-based hosting service for Git repositories. Learn more about the differences and similarities between Git vs GitHub.

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Jira GitLab Integration

A Jira GitLab integration can be achieved by connecting Git Integration for Jira with any GitLab repository. Use Smart Commits, create branches, pull requests, and more.

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Simplify Git with GitKraken!

Legendary Git GUI for Windows, Mac & Linux