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GitLab GUI

Are you looking for the best GitLab GUI to use in your workflow? See why GitKraken has the best GitLab integrations and makes actions like pull requests a breeze.

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What is Git Bash?

Learn what Git Bash is and how to download this Windows terminal. You will also see basic Git commands to use with Bash and why GitKraken is the better tool for Git.

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GitKon: Global Git Conference

Join the team behind the GitKraken Git GUI for GitKon 2021 on Sep 22-23, the premier global Git conference of the year. Learn about GitOps, DevOps, and the future of Git.

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GitKraken and NodeGit logos

A Look at NodeGit and libgit2

GitKraken is built on Electron. To use libgit2 efficiently in Node, we needed a way to address the same APIs without rewriting and maintaining an entirely new library.

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Best Courses to Learn Git

What are the best courses to learn Git online? Discover branching, how to use Git and GitHub, and more with these recommended courses for learning Git.

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