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-Oh, Keiferella! Keiferella!

-Not now, Stepmother, I’m busy showing off my new commit panel.

See what’s new

💫  If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true 💫 

Your wish is our command! Get the latest version of our Git GUI client now.

Full-file contents view

There’s now a full-file contents view when viewing a diff of a commit. Users are able to toggle between viewing solely the diff hunks with changes, or the entire file with the changes applied.

External diff tools are now supported

Set the tool you prefer to use for viewing diffs in Preferences > General.

The commit panel got a makeover 👸

  1. The trash can replaces the “Discard All” button. This should reduce the chance of accidentally discarding when you are staging changes. 
    💫 Wash the dishes, do the dusting, Do the staging, make the commits! 💫
  2. When viewing the working directory, the new panel header will tell you how many files have been changed and display the name of the branch.
  3. The toggle button allows the commit panel to be pinned to the right or bottom of the window as you prefer.

1. The toggle button for the commit panel. 2. The new panel header.

Keiferella’s new look also includes:

  • Easy to see scrollbars throughout the app.
  • Background colors and other styling improved for both light and dark themes. Improved text contrast and differentiating code views from other panels in the application.
  • When viewing a commit, the SHA for that commit is displayed in the new panel header (and copyable with a click).
  • When in a conflicted state, messaging will now correctly reflect whether the state was the result of a rebase or a merge. The branches involved are now also styled to match their labels in the graph.
  • The list/tree view dropdown menu has been replaced with a new toggle button.
  • Quickly jump to your working directory when viewing older commits, with a new shortcut that appears at the top of the commit panel.
  • Now you can collapse the unstaged and staged files sections to make more room for viewing file changes in the commit panel.
  • A checkbox to view all files is now available when viewing a previous commit. This allows you to browse and view all files in a repository as they were at that commit.
  • Linux users, this one is for you! Update buttons are much easier to see now.
  • A checkbox to view all files is now available when viewing a previous commit. This allows you to browse and view all files in a repository as they were at that commit.
  • We added a context menu option to copy a branch’s name from the left panel or the graph.

👸 Oh! Oh, my goodness!

👱 What’s the matter?

-It’s midnight.

-Yes, so it is, but–

-Goodbye! 🏰

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