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Just Try: Inspiration for Your Journey as a World-Changing Developer

This article was written by guest author – and GitKon speaker – Domagoj Vidovic.

Dom is a senior developer turned tech content creator, and creator of @tech_wizzdom. He helps people in tech start a side hustle and convert it into a main one.

Hear more about this topic in Dom’s GitKon session, Devfluence: Leveraging Dev Skills To Do More Than Write Lines. Watch on-demand here (expand the video description and use the chapters to jump to his talk).

So many times, I’ve heard developers lamenting, “I can’t do anything else other than coding.” Additionally, they often express fear about what they would do later in their career.

Of course, you can choose a “classic” path and transition into management or venture into some other similar not-exactly-tech field within a company. However, in today’s diverse world of opportunities, adhering strictly to such traditional paths seems a bit outdated.

The Infinite Potential of Tech and Coding

Listen. You possess one of the most powerful skills on the planet. Your ability to code empowers you to build the future; to construct the invisible world that everyone relies on. Despite its youth, this digital world has become something people are 111% dependent on.

Even though it might seem like technology is highly evolved, in reality, it’s still in its Stone Age phase. The Internet, as we know it, has been around for just a few decades, and the modern, interactive Internet has existed for barely 20 years.

Your Role in Shaping the Digital Future

Listen. You have one of the most powerful skills on the planet. You’re able to build the future – to build the invisible world that everyone lives in. That world is so young, yet people are 111% dependent on it. 

Even though you might think that tech is so evolved, well… It’s in its Stone Age phase. We have Internet just for a couple of decades; and the modern Internet where people can interact, barely for 20 years.

It’s unimaginable where that world will be. I guarantee you that you cannot imagine what will happen in 1 year, let alone 5, 10, 20, 50. Look at the state of ChatGPT at the moment; until recently, we thought that was impossible; we were mocking AI who cannot recognize a cat picture.

And suddenly, we have an AI coding mentor who is more powerful than most developers.

What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow. And you have the skill. You can change the world. You can be the one who converts your ideas to reality; not just helping other people convert their ideas.

Today, it’s easier to try than ever. So many platforms offer services for free. A few decades ago, the barrier to starting your own business was massive. Today, you can start immediately and have something tomorrow.

Don’t think it’s easy because you still need to create something other people are willing to give attention and money to. But it’s absolutely worth it.

It doesn’t really matter if want to build apps, teach others how to code, or create courses or content. Do what you love to do. In the end, you’re gonna have the most fun in it, make something unique, and earn the most.

Just try. Whatever happens, you can catch the error and go back to your job. But what would happen to your life if you actually make it work?

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