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Introducing Glo Marketplace

We recently announced the introduction of public APIs for GitKraken Glo Boards; to help us celebrate, we invited our community of incredibly talented and creative software engineers to develop app integrations as part of our Glo API contest.

Hopeful API developers submitted their integrations for the chance to claim up to $10,000 in cash prizes! Contest categories included: Import/Export/Sync Tools, Slack Integrations, Chrome Extensions, Screenshot Tools, Time Tracking, Voice Assistant Integrations, IoT Integrations, CI/CD Integrations, IDE Integrations, and Freestyle. We are extremely thrilled to announce the winners and share details about their digital creations.

Glo Marketplace Launches

The new Glo Marketplace features the free apps listed below, and it’s constantly growing as developers submit Glo API apps. So keep checking back to find apps that further enhance your productivity using the Glo issue tracker in combination with other apps.

Glo Web Clipper

Chrome Extension, Screenshot Tool

Thanks to the Glo Web Clipper, users can now avoid the three-step process of creating a screenshot, saving it to their computer, and uploading it separately to Glo. That’s right! You can now immediately add a screenshot to an existing card while in Glo.

You can create and share the following web snippets through this application:

  • Visible Page: a screenshot of everything that is currently visible on your screen.
  • Full Page: a screenshot of the full page, including everything that is not visible.
  • Selection: allows you to freely select a rectangle to clip on the currently visible page.

After creating your web snippet, you can either create a new Glo card and attach the file to that card as a comment, or you can add the file to an existing card as a comment.


Chrome Extension, Time Tracking, Screenshot Tool

The Glomium application is a multi-faceted tool that allows a variety of features for communicating between Glo and other web pages. You can create cards, attach files, make comments, and track your time directly through the Glomium Chrome extension.

The Chrome extension provides a simple drop-down menu giving users the option to:

  • Create cards using the + icon. You can select the board where the card should be posted, add a name and description, attach files, and use Glomium’s one-click tool for adding the webpage’s URL.
  • Post comments to existing cards using the extension’s drop-down menu.
  • Track time spent on specific projects using the built-in time tracker functionality. You can use the time tracker while working on projects inside or outside of your browser. Then post your recording time as comments to any cards in Glo!


Time Tracking

Glo users can now use Toggl from inside Glo Boards to track time spent working. Not only does Kraggl allow users to track time using the start and stop timers, it also offers reporting capabilities to evaluate time spent on specific issues or workflow steps.

After installing the application and providing access to your GitKraken account, you will be able to specify columns that you want to track time spent on. Users can easily start timers for specific projects or tasks by moving existing Glo cards to columns designated for tracking. Similarly, stop the timer by moving a Glo card from a tracked column into a column not marked for time tracking.

Another super cool feature of this application is the integrated time summary, which allows you to quickly see how much time has been spent on each card. Similarly, column time summaries will show you the total time spent on the project by adding up the time spent on each card listed in the column.


Freestyle – Gamification

This application allows users to gamify their Glo Boards. Users can publish new boards in Glo directly from Glowify, which will populate in the Board Panel and continuously update with earned points and achievements.

Glo users will start receiving points as they engage with their Glo Boards by adding cards, completing tasks, and performing other actions (listed in Glowify as Events).

As users continue to earn points, they will move up the ranks—seen by having their card moved to the next column to the right—and receive labels for special achievements. The rank titles and associated point requirements can be managed from within the Glowify application.


Slack Integration

Never miss any action in Glo! Use Flo to receive real-time notifications in Slack about activity happening in Glo Boards—whether you’re assigned a task, a progress change has been made on a project you’re working on, or a team member has left you a comment.

Mini Glo

Voice Assistant Integration

Hand fatigue? Mini Glo is the app for you! It’s an Alexa Skill that allows you to use your Amazon smart home devices to talk with Glo Boards. So you can use speech commands to perform tasks within Glo. Say whatttt??!!

Users can start by saying, “Alexa, open Mini Glo.” Then can ask Alexa at any time how to perform specific tasks (like create a column) by saying, “Alexa, ask Mini Glo how to do (insert task).”

Mini Glo can add columns, create cards and add them to columns, delete boards, and more.

Glo IoT Stopwatch

IoT Integration, Time Tracking, DIY Hardware Project

Unlike any of our other submissions, this application comes with a build-it-yourself stopwatch for time tracking! How fun is that!? Who doesn’t want to smash buttons while they’re working?

Use one button to start and pause the time, and the other to indicate the task has been completed. After hitting the button to complete the task, your Glo Board will automatically update with a comment, noting the task is complete AND the amount of time spent.

This application comes with a DIY 5-10 minute tutorial to build the tool yourself using an ESP-8266, buttons, wires, Nokia 5110, a power bank, and a box.

Submit an App to Glo Marketplace

Do you have a great idea for an API integration for Glo Boards? Tons of users are looking for productivity apps to extend the functionality of Glo Boards, and by having your app featured in the Glo Marketplace, you will get the greatest amount of exposure.  Submit your Glo App anytime, and we will review it for placement in the Glo Marketplace. Continue to check the Glo Marketplace for new apps that will enhance your Glo Boards experience.

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