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Why are leading organizations using Git and GitKraken?

Teams worldwide are moving away from centralized version control systems (VCS), like Subversion, and instead migrating to Git. Because Git is a distributed VCS that utilizes branching and merging, over 90% of developers now use Git. Teams implementing or scaling Git within their organizations rely on GitKraken to ease their transition. Everything from the GitKraken Git Client interface, to the training resources you’ll find here, make working with Git much more intuitive.

More than 20,000 organizations rely on GitKraken

Find out how to deploy GitKraken with your hosting service

Whether you're using the hosted or self-hosted versions of GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Azure DevOps, GitKraken makes it easy to add and manage remote repos. Create pull requests and view the status, assignees and reviewers without ever leaving the client.

Select your Git hosting service to get a comprehensive guide and resources for implementing Git and GitKraken!

Implement GitKraken

Visit our pricing page to get started with GitKraken Pro. If you need a solution that works offline, behind a firewall, or in other specific environments, contact our Sales team to start a free trial of GitKraken Enterprise and get pricing for your team.

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