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GitKraken 7.7.0 release

GitKraken v7.7: Git for Teams

Get ready for team collaboration in Git on a whole new level with the new Git team features and other improvements. Get a better Git workflow for your team with GitKraken.

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GitKraken Tips IX

We’ve got tips for getting the most out of your Git client, like quickly performing Git push, issue tracking integrations, quick access to Git repositories, and more.

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GitKraken Tips VIII

Unleash the full power of the GitKraken Git GUI! Learn these Git tips related to branching in Git, how to Git cherry pick, pull request drafts for GitHub users, & more.

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GitKraken Tips VII

Check out our latest tips to learn Git with GitKraken Git GUI! These Git tips show you how to enter detached HEAD state, open the CLI from GitKraken & more.

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