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Releasing the Power of Git

GitKraken v2.4

Discover who Dan Suceava is, and why our dev team set out to ensure GitKraken would no longer be the recipient of his expletives!

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Reduxifying GitKraken

When we used Flux for GitKraken, we encountered problems scaling with the architecture. See why we migrated the app from Flux to Redux and the benefits!

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GitKraken v2.3

Read about the latest release of GitKraken, which introduces Git hooks support, regional-specific dates, new onboarding, and a free trial of GitKraken Pro!

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GitKraken v2.2

In this release, we’re introducing GitLab integration, a new repository management view, avatars in the left panel, HTTP/proxy credential storage and more!

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GitKraken v2.1

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s a quick summary of what you can enjoy from this most salacious of software updates…

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