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GitKraken Tips

Learn how to solo a branch, use fuzzy finder, pull any branch, resize the graph, zoom in/out, amend a commit, create a PR, squash commits & more in GitKraken!

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Clean Up Your GUI!

The newest features help keep GitKraken organized and even easier to use. Check out Command Palette, Squash and Merge No Fast Forward today!

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Axosoft GitKraken V1.0

Learn about the new features in Axosoft GitKraken, the Git client for Windows, Mac & Linux. Lots of features & fixes since our last V0.6 article!

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GitKraken V0.6

It’s time for everyone to have TOTAL CONTROL over their repos, so now, with version 0.6 we are in OPEN BETA! Here’s what’s new in v0.6.

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