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What is GitOps?

GitOps is the correct way to manage your infrastructure as Code (IaC). Yes, it is Important you give love to the Infrastructure as Code, the same way you care about the Application Code.

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Code Review

Get code review tools, tips, and see a checklist for what to include. Plus, get best practices for reviewing code on GitHub and creating Git pull requests.

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Announcing GitKon Panels

Attend GitKon 2021 to hear from GitKon panels: Git tips and tricks and updates from the GitKraken product team. Register for this free virtual tech conference Sep 22-23.

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GitKon Panels Announcement

More GitKon Speakers Announced

See some of the GitKon speakers for the 2021 Git conference, such as Michelle Mannering of GitHub, Zoe Bachman from Codecademy, and Johannes Schindelin the maintainer of Git for Windows

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